As we engage in global businesses, the 丸红 Group acknowledges that the climate change issue is a serious risk, while also recognizing that it may offer business opportunities. The 丸红 Group considers our contribution in the areas of both mitigation and adaptation of climate change as our priority subject. We will take initiatives for contribution through our businesses.

Business 政策规定 Pertaining to 可持续发展

丸红株式会社(以下简称““Marubeni”) recognizes that climate change is a major issue shared by all of humanity. It is a problem that threatens the co-existence of the global environment and society, a problem that has an enormous effect on 丸红’s business and its shareholders, and a problem that 丸红 believes must be dealt with swiftly. Therefore, as part of 丸红’s promotion of sustainable management, and in order to contribute fight global climate change, 丸红 has established new business policies (hereinafter, “Policies”)有关其燃煤发电业务和可再生能源发电业务的信息。

As a global player in the power business, 丸红 will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions volume from its power generation portfolio. By 2030, 丸红 will cut its FY2018 coal-fired power net generation capacity of approximately 3GW in half. Additionally, 丸红 will deploy innovative technologies to increase the efficiency of its portfolio assets, and proactively promote the reduction of its environmental impact.


Looking forward to the expansion of the renewable energy generation business, 丸红 will strive to expand the ratio of power generated by renewable energy sources in its own net power supply from approximately 10% to approximately 20% by 2023. Furthermore, 丸红 will contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon society by promoting the expansion of the handled volume of renewable energy sources pertaining to energy trading. An example of this is SmartestEnergy Ltd.*1,这是一家位于英国的全资子公司,管理着大约3GW的总能源,这是从独立的发电机购买的; 3GW的大约80%由可再生能源产生。


In April 2018, 丸红 launched the 可持续发展 Management Committee (hereinafter, “the Committee”)在总裁兼首席执行官的监督下,旨在增强公司实力’s sustainability initiatives. Since its launch, and while soliciting the opinions of external parties, 委员会 has discussed a number of basic policies and measures pertaining to 丸红’s sustainability initiatives, beginning with identification and periodic review of the materiality. 政策规定 and measures considered as a result of these discussions will be announced as part of 丸红’与ESG相关的数据一旦被编译。

1SmartestEnergy Ltd., established by 丸红 in the U.K. in 2001,purchases power from small to medium sized independent generators, and resells on the wholesale market or to retail customers.


丸红 is committed to proactively and appropriately engaging in diverse climate change countermeasures through cooperation and collaboration with various stakeholders, regardless of the level of influence of the stakeholder or affiliated industry group.


As a member of the Japan Foreign Trade Council (JFTC), 丸红 agrees with the Low-Carbon Society (Plan for achieving the post-Kyoto Protocol Targets) proposed by Nippon Keidanren (“Keidanren”), and takes part in the working groups and public meetings on climate change held by Keidanren and JFTC.
丸红 takes climate change countermeasures in accordance with the policies of Keidanren’s Low-Carbon Society. We have set the goal of reducing the energy use (electricity and gas) at the Tokyo Head Office and the Osaka Branch by 10.5% in the fiscal year ended March 2021 relative to the fiscal year ended March 2010, by introducing energy-saving facilities etc. (Marubeni takes initiatives for climate change countermeasures regardless of the level of influence of the affiliated industry group.)

丸红 also takes part in discussions related to environmental initiatives of trading companies, as a member of the 全球 环境 Committee of the Japan Foreign Trade Council (JFTC).
At 委员会, we make plans for the Voluntary Action on the 环境 (Commitment to a Low Carbon Society) for the trading company industry, grasp energy consumption, promote the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) activity, and incorporate new energy through our business activities.


丸红 actively participates in subcommittees and workshops on climate change held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of the 环境. In the year ended March 31, 2019, we became a working-group member of the METI Study Group on Implementing TCFD Recommendations for Mobilizing Green 金融through Proactive Corporate Disclosure (Study Group on Implementing TCFD Recommendations), and have discussions with other group-member companies on the best approach to disclosure of the financial impact of climate change.


丸红 supports the activities of the international environmental protection group, World Wide Fund for Nature. 丸红 participates in certification systems in areas such as wood products, seafood, and vegetable oil. Additionally, the 丸红 subsidiary Mibugawa Power Company takes part in 日本气候倡议 并促进可再生能源项目的建立,以创建一个碳足迹最小的社会。




丸红 Group is conducting scenario analysis to analyze the impact that climate change is likely to have on its businesses and finances. The 丸红 Group will analyze the risks, opportunities and impacts on its businesses from climate change based on a Current 政策规定 Scenario and a 2.0°C Scenario, and will use the results in considering business plans and strategies.
In feed ingredients procurement in the 食品部, taking into account the possibility of increases in product prices and transportation costs due to a decrease in production volume in the agriculture and livestock industries resulting from climate change, the 丸红 Group is actively responding to the risks that accompany climate change by viewing them as opportunities. This response includes geographic diversification of suppliers and customers, cultivation of new production regions, research and development of alternative and new products, and acquisition of new partners.


Climate change has significant impact on the procurement of raw materials for the feed mixtures for livestock and fisheries, and 丸红 acknowledges that adaptation to climate change is a priority issue in our risk management.
丸红 monitors climate patterns, temperature, and other factors by product and region to mitigate climate change risks, while also considering the potential influences of climate change as part of our management strategy.


丸红 utilizes life-cycle assessment (LCA) in the beef cattle rearing project at its consolidated subsidiary in Australia, Rangers Valley Cattle Station PTY. LTD. (hereinafter “Rangers Valley”), and quantitatively analyzes and assesses the social and environmental impact of our business. Rangers Valley promotes effective operation through research such as optimal feed and methods for feeding and fattening. By utilizing the analysis results of LCA in our business, we are working on reducing the social and environmental impact of this project.



In order to work toward a low-carbon society that mitigates the effects of climate change as part of sustainable development goals, 丸红 is actively pursuing and expanding renewable energy power projects.*2




The 丸红 Group considers micro-scale hydro-power generation as an important business area, and has been conducting operations in this area through Group company, Mibugawa Electric Power Company since 2006. As this business utilizes natural energy sources, consideration for the environment is essential, and we are also actively working on reduction of waste materials, maintenance of water quality, conservation of energy and resources, and other environmental activities.

“微型水力发电”是一个术语,指的是输出功率小于1,000 kW的小型水力发电操作。这些操作不需要使用需要大规模建设项目的水坝或其他设施,而可以通过利用溪流或农业灌溉渠来发电,从而最大程度地减少了开发足迹。对水质和水生境的环境影响极低,对土地特征或风景秀丽没有影响。一旦启动并运行,这些操作几乎不会产生一氧化碳2从而在对生物多样性和环境保护的影响最小的方面提供了好处。此外,微型水力发电可以帮助地区更独立地发展,因为这些技术使它们能够利用自己的水资源来发电。

In addition to the Mibugawa Power Station, the 丸红 Group currently operates the following micro-hydro power generation facilities.

  • 本地发电:三河川电力公司
  • 微型水力发电站(山梨县北斗市)


设施 位置 批准的输出
三武川第一电站 长野县稻名市 23,100千瓦
美布川2号电站 10,800千瓦
三河川3号电站 260kW
三河川4号电站 480kW
立世那电站 长野县茅野市 260kW
立志那二号电站 141kW
立世那3号电站 93kW
立世那4号电站 145kW
新宫川发电站 长野县驹根市 195kW
北斗西泽电站 山梨县北斗市 220kW
北斗市村山六所村关水电站 320KW
北斗鹿儿石电站 230kW
北斗仓原电站 200kW
本门寺第一电站 静冈县富士宫市 120kW
本门寺第二发电站 140kW
白石电站 宫城县白石市 95kW
花乡里发电站 福岛县下乡市 175kW
板屋川发电站 150kW
men沼沼电站 福岛县猪苗代市 160kW
o面川发电站 广岛县广岛市 180kW
佐谷谷发电站 108kW
丰平电站 广岛县北广岛市 112kW

Mibugawa Power Station获得了Eco Action 21*3 认证,这是第一个这样做的水力发电设施。鉴于海拔最高的2号电站的入口位于一个准国家公园旁边,而三河川电站的设施位于生物多样性价值高的地区,我们不仅要努力避免破坏自然,也要保护自然。作为这项工作的一部分,除了为可能的漏油进行河道清理活动和设施维护以及应急培训之外,三河川电站还通过每年两次水质检查来采取保护生物多样性的措施,不仅是为了确定是否存在污染物,还要检查水中是否具有生物体所需的氧气含量。该设施还欢迎当地的中小学生和每年有100多名居民参观发电站,并展示混合发电系统(风能,太阳能和水力发电)的展品。这些活动和其他活动有助于教育人们有关可再生能源的知识,并传承该地区的传统文化。

在北斗市Murayamarokkamuraseki Waterfarm*4,我们使用现有的灌溉渠来提供可再生能源,同时对用水量进行适当调整,以确保有足够的农田灌溉水和家庭用水。


In addition, in selling power through 丸红 Power Retail Corporation, we are helping to improve biodiversity by allocating a portion of the electricity fees to forest maintenance and management.

The 丸红 Group aims to develop about 40 micro-scale hydro-power generation facilities in Japan by 2025. Across Japan, we are actively working on generation of renewable energy that contributes to conservation of the local environment and biodiversity.

  • 根据环境省制定的环境管理体系和环境报告方针的体系
  • 北斗市Murayamarokkamuraseki的四个微型水力发电站(北斗西泽电站,北斗Murayamarokkamuraseki水电站,北斗鹿儿石电站和北斗仓原电站)


Throughout Japan, in addition to the development of micro-scale hydro-power generation projects, the 丸红 Group is actively working on generation of renewable energy that contributes to conservation of the global environment and biodiversity.


设施 位置 功率输出(丸红的份额) 发电厂类型
水崎风电 爱媛县香田町 20MW(49%) 陆上风力发电
十胜清水电厂 北海道县清水镇 4MW 太阳能
ako小牧超级太阳能 北海道县小牧市 7MW
岩沼临空超级太阳能 宫城县岩沼市 28MW
关川村大太阳 新泻县关川村 2兆瓦(50%)
磐城大太阳 福岛县磐城市 2兆瓦(50%)
Tsuetsukitoge超级太阳能 长野县稻名市 10MW
稻日寺大太阳 长野县稻名市 1MW
潮来太阳能发电站 茨城县潮来市 2兆瓦(50%)
大山太阳能发电站 静冈县大山町 2兆瓦(50%)
木曾崎超级太阳能 三重县桑名市菊崎市,爱知县矢富市 49MW


丸红 is an investor in 日本CCS有限公司, which was established in May 2008, in response to the Japanese government’s call for the development of CCS*5 技术来应对全球变暖。它由在CCS相关领域具有专业知识的大型私营公司共同创立,以满足新的需求。作为一家整合并整合CCS技术的私营公司,该公司进行了有关如何将CO的分离,捕获,运输和地质存储技术商业化的调查。2,以及这些领域的研发和测试。

5CCS是“碳捕集与封存”的首字母缩写,是指二氧化碳(CO2)。具体来说,它涉及捕获CO的技术2 在工厂将其排放到大气中之前,由工厂,发电厂等排放,然后将其运输到适合存储的地下地质层中,并长时间稳定地存储。


丸红 is working on a project to verify the establishment of an international supply chain to liquify hydrogen produced with unused lignite (i.e. “brown coal”) from Victoria, Australia, and transport it to Japan. For the future commercialization of liquified hydrogen made with this technology, it will be necessary to use CCS technologies to capture, and store the CO2 generated in the hydrogen production process. In part because of this, 丸红 regularly visits the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project Center, which is a facility in the city of Tomakomai, Hokkaido, operated by 日本CCS有限公司, to observe the work done there. The demonstration project has been running for nine years, from FY2012 to FY2020, and is slated to store a cumulative total of 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide underground.


减少环境影响的倡议(Koa Kogyo)

As a resource conservation measure, 丸红’s consolidated subsidiary Koa Kogyo Co., Ltd. is working to reduce the amount of water resources it uses in the production process.

由于造纸操作中需要大量的水,因此Koa Kogyo从工业和井水中获取必要的水,并在制造过程中对水进行回收。在废水中,通过使用活性污泥池降低化学需氧量(COD)和生化需氧量(BOD)并净化水,可以达到严格的水质标准。

Koa Kogyo也在努力减少废物量。通过使用高浓度碎浆机对废纸进行制浆,Koa Kogyo可以回收先前因无法处理而被焚化的纸张。此外,所有可燃垃圾都利用高温焚化炉进行处理,热能被回收并用于热循环。由于该焚化炉在900–1,000°C的高温下处理废物,因此该焚化炉几乎不排放任何有毒的二恶英,并且符合NOx,SOx和CO2排放的环境标准。

此外,Koa Kogyo收集废纸和办公室废物,将其作为纸板回收再利用。通过这样做,该公司与客户建立了封闭的回收系统,并减轻了环境负担。

点击此处查看Koa Kogyo的环保举措(仅日语)





Mibugawa Power Company颁发的Green Power证书
Mibugawa Power Company颁发的Green Power证书

丸红 and the Palace Hotel used green power at the venue of 丸红's 96th Ordinary General Meeting of 股东们 at the Palace Hotel Tokyo on June 19, 2020. By purchasing certified green power (1,500kWh) issued by Mibugawa Power Company, a green power operator and 100% 丸红-owned subsidiary, the Palace Hotel used green power at the venue of the Ordinary General Meeting of 股东们.

This is the 11th time that 丸红 has used green energy at its Ordinary General Meeting of 股东们.

绿色电力是指由自然能产生的电力,例如水能,风力,生物质能,太阳能和地热能。与石油和煤炭等化石燃料产生的电力不同,绿色电力具有环境价值,因为其二氧化碳含量低2 排放和对环境的小影响。

丸红 will continue promoting its environmental efforts in various forms going forward.